• Farmatek has it’s own warehouse in Istanbul which is approved by Turkish Ministry of Health and ISO 9001 certificated.
    -  We manage warehousing, storage, packaging and shipment operations of our products  in line with the current international guidelines.
    Our products:
    Physicians and pharmacists can utilize hemophilia products, intensive care products and immunoglobulins of CSL Behring who is one of the  market leader in the world with its biotechnology and reliability in plasma products. CSL products are available in Turkey by Farmatek since 1991.
    -  The anti-acne products; Benzamycin Topical Gel which has been marketed by Farmatek since 1997 and Benzalin Topical Gel which has been launched afterwards, are the leader topical combinations in the selected market in Turkey.
    -  Farmatek continues to strengthen it’s place in dermatology area by topical plain and combination steroid products indicated in several forms of dermatitis.
    We’re also marketing non- steroidal topical products, Atopiclair and Sebclair, for the treatment of mild and moderate dermatitis cases and as a maintenance therapy of dermatitis both in adults and in pediatric patients.
    -   In cardiology, Farmatek introduced "Streptase" for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction and acute left heart failure. The company also launched “Nitrolingual sublingual spray” and “Nitronal Infusion” to treat angina pectoris attacks and prophylaxis respectively and “Kalinor Effervessant Tablet”” to treat hypokalemia.
    -   Our presence on the urology market is started with the products; “Gepan instill” which is indicated in chronic cystitis, “Teraumon Tablet” indicated in BPH and “Kalinor Effervessant Tablet” indicated in kidney stone prophylaxis.
    -   Beriplast P Combi-Set, a biological fibrin glue and surgical homeostatic agent, is available by Farmatek  for many years in Turkey.
    -   Farmatek is on the market with it’s dermocosmetic products also since the beginning of 2011. Our dermocosmetic products available in the country through pharmacies only and they have unique specifications.
    -   In line with growth target, Farmatek has started sales and marketing of Central Nervous System products via co-marketing agreements and the new partnerships.
    -   You can find a detailed information about the products marketed in Turkey by Farmatek,  from the right list.