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About Us

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Farmatek was established in 1991 in order to import the products needed in Turkey and to provide the services of Turkish medicine.

In its infancy, our company began its operations by importing hemophilia products intensive care products and products containing immunoglobulin. Farmatek’s momentum continued according to the market needs with products in dermatology, cardiology, urology, the central nervous system, nephrology, infection, surgery and rare disease units. The year 2012 marked a milestone: the company launched a number of changes to leave its importer identity behind and transform into an industrial company. Developing our R&D Laboratory was our initial giant step and laying the foundation for the hi tech, high capacity manufacturing plant demonstrated the colossal leap forward taken in May 2014 as a testament to the company’s industrial commitment. The much awaited opening of the Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing Plant located in the Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone finally occurred when it became operational after it was issued its GMP certificate in March 2017 by the Ministry of Health. By getting the EU GMP (European Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate on June 4, 2021, it has taken an important step to open up to the European pharmaceutical market.

Farmatek aims to serve the Turkish medical industry by importing or developing new products by following the recommendations of doctors and pharmacists whose work is dedicated to increasing the quality of life of the patients and adopting the principle of patient satisfaction.

Warehouse entry, storage, packing and shipment of our products are carried out in accordance with the special product conditions and the conditions declared in the Ministry of Health regulations and current international guidelines.