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Business Development

Since 1991, Farmatek has been fulfilling its duties as a responsible domestic pharmaceutical company dedicated to offer new products to the market, based on state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary research.

A significant part of our focus falls on dermatology, the central nervous system, nephrology, infection, rare diseases, hematology, hospital products, cardiology, urology and intensive care, as well as other products that improve the quality of life while we develop innovative treatment options and the best products for the market.

Our Business Development Department concentrates on developing generic products to expand Farmatek’s existing product range, while taking the opportunities of in-licensing, co-marketing and co-promotion to cultivate the growth of our company in both domestic and international markets. Our experts are actively in pursuit of new lines of business and finding new products to be introduced to international markets.

Through participating in international platforms, such as exhibitions in target markets and visiting different regions, we aim at expanding our horizons towards the global markets through domestic and international partnerships, as well as through our operations. We are also involved in the regulation of our quality products in healthcare authorities of relevant countries.

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