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Farmatek Pharmaceuticals, which has consistently been attracting ample attention in the industry with its agile, innovative and savvy business philosophy since 1991, is proud of its new, massive, hi tech manufacturing plant in the Kırklareli Organized Industrial Site.

The Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing plant was especially designed to comply with international standards and European cGMP, to use cutting-edge technologies, and, due to its strong infrastructure, to be ready for expansion if the construction and commissioning of additional manufacturing sites is deemed necessary.

Built on an area of 38,000 square meters, with an indoor area of 13,500 square meters, the Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing Site has engaged its solid, semi-solid and topical liquid manufacturing lines with a total capacity of 27 million boxes. This capacity is expected to increase to 125 million boxes when planned additional lines become operational within a few years. Our manufacturing capability includes humidity-susceptible products thanks to humidity-controlled solid manufacturing areas in our site, and high potent (HPAPIs) products other than hormone and anti-neoplastic groups once the requirements in ventilation system are fulfilled.

The Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing Site is equipped with two semi-solid lines, one for corticosteroid and the other for regular products. Currently, the site’s annual semi-solid manufacturing capacity is 12 million boxes which will be increased to 40 million boxes once the additional manufacturing line is engaged in 2018. High potent products (excluding hormones and anti-neoplastic products) are also manufactured on the production line for regular products.